Everything happens for a reason
from the blog: My Crazy World of Nonsense

wow. this blog post is hitting me hard right now. totally sums up my feelings on the types of support you get after losing a child. i like to share this with people – it’s more supportive to just be there and give a hug. words aren’t necessary. especially if you are struggling to find the right ones. “i don’t know what you are going through but I’m here for you.” that’s all we need to hear.

saying “he’s in a better place now” is not comforting. the best place for him is here in my arms.

“let me know if you need anything” is not comforting because you are the person who abandoned me and lent no further support beyond that statement. want to help me? help me find a new job. help out with the laundry or take me out to lunch.

then there’s those people who feel like a certain type of emotional support is expected of them. we all have different personalities. i know who i need to go to for what kind of support i need. if i need a laugh. if i need to reminisce. if i need to vent and have someone listen. if i need advice. if i need to not speak. you know who you are. just be there and your purpose will surface on its own.

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