“So even though we celebrate Easter as Christians, its roots lie in pagan mythology: the holiday was created to mark the spring equinox.”

“I’m not trying to be sacrilegious. Frankly, I admire people of faith. I wish I had some myself. But putting religion, paganism and commercialism in a blender is bound to be messy. Especially for kids, who are surrounded by conflicting messages.”
Tracey Spicer, The Sydney Morning Herald

Gotta love the pagans. We’d have no cool holidays without them.

The article was rare find on a day like today. Thanks google – first result! My sentiments are aligned with the author’s. I was raised Christian, lost faith in organized religion as an adult and now as a mother, my goal is share all faiths with my daughter so that she can make her own decisions. I will not shun her for her questions or choices. I find more solace in nature and science, so if she follows in mama’s footsteps, we can geek out together. If not, I respect her journey.

I’ll share religious holidays with her in my own way. Since this is new to me, I did resort to the web to see what other agnostic or atheist parents share or not share. It’s a fascinating community!

So as I dress my child in a gorgeous dress, gear her up for an egg hunt, and go to share the day with family, I wish you and yours:


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