My friendship with Rachel, my coworker at Capital One, has hit an all time high. Apparently she despises hiccups and this afternoon she got a nasty case of them. Did she hold her breath? Nope. Did she turn her head upside down? Nope.

Spock & Kirk get it!

She turned to me and said “hurry hold my ears like this while I drink water.” I looked at her like she was out of her mind but being the good friend, I obliged her request. Laughter ensued in our pod (aka work cubicle). Hiccups progressively worsened. We fought through the delirium and after two sips of water, I released her ears.

Now which part of the ears should one hold? The ear flaps of course. Her husband assisted with this once and what would most men do? Go for the ear canal! But alas, the flaps are the goal.

A few minutes passed. Our pod calmed. Her hiccups were gone.

Being me, I had to research this phenomenon. Apparently it’s a known cure – even the NIH wrote an article on it. HIGHsterical!

Sources: Mind the Science Gap, Cafe Mom

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