Sadie loves to sing and dance. Now that her attention span has improved a great deal, she’s able to watch most of a tv show or movie with me. Tonight she watched NBC’s The Voice. I think she’ll grow up to appreciate Adam Levine like her mama but until then, her eyes and ears were on Delvin Choice.

I remember Delvin from last season and while I loved him then, he is truly amazing this season. So velvety smooth and I totally wish I had his hair (even the lobster style was fly). #teamlobster

This week he sang “Let’s Stay Together” and my 20mo old went crazy. Singing Dancing. Snapping he fingers. Waving her arms. I managed to captured some on my Spark Camera app. BEST iPHONE VIDEO APP in all the land! Enjoy her moves and take a second to watch Delvin’s performance. DOPE.

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