So my kid is 20mos today. Time is flying and I need to get my shit together with party planning. Yes it’s 4mos away but if you know me, this is prime time to start! Early review on the theme… any guesses?

YO GABBA GABBA! Razzle dazzle. Awesome! Follow my party board on Pinterest for my RAD finds.

Back to my story… I swear today alone she jumped some IQ points. She loves keys – real and play. This morning when we headed out to leave for the sitter, she took my keys, grabbed the black key and went to my driver side to get in. My Ford Escape only has key spots for trunk and driver side, so go her for knowing not to try the passenger side. I showed her Saturday that mama’s car key is black and she remembered! Next, she climbed into the driver seat and proceeded to TRY to insert the key and said “Door?” and tried to close the door. My chic was ready to drive us away!

This evening, I was coaxing her to come inside for dinner and said “Here, open the front door.” She totally blew my mind at this point – grabbed the orange key (custom from Lowes). I never told her that was the house key, she must have witnessed me use it each night.

Later tonight she walked to the garage and said “Open the door. Papa keys.” WHAT? Full on sentences in effect! Mind blown again.

Totally forgot about silliness on Saturday, she helped shampoo the carpet – even rode on top our Bissell Big Green! Push. Pull. Then she saw me start to empty her clean clothes from the dryer and she intervened saying “Me help.” After she unloaded the dryer, she tried to put the whole bag in of Honest Stain Release pods. So I took it as a sign she needed more work. Here babe, load the washing machine!

My kid is brilliant. Her nickname lately is mule! No stopping her.

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