Just read the most amazing article about how The Wiggles, a kid’s singing tv show that has live events, got started. My niece grew up watching them and my daughter does too. They were hilarious and always had a positive message. The songs were dangerously contagious!

Anthony, the blue one, his brother Paul suffered a loss close to me – his daughter passed away of SIDS at 8mos old. My son Wesley was 26 days old. The two brothers were in a band together and after the tragedy tried to resume life and performing with little success.

Years after her passing, Anthony formed the band, The Wiggles, and invited his brother Paul to be manager. The Wiggles made it big in the states and through it all committed to raising money and awareness for SIDS.

“Bernadette has a lot to do with where I am now,” he said. “The Wiggles would always have done charity work with children but if Bernadette hadn’t died there is no way I’d have the empathy that I do now.”

Watch a video of Paul talking about Bernadette – what a cutie she was! Video talks about research as well.

I find this so commendable. It truly hit me hard learning of their experience. I found I had to take on my grief head-on. All the arrangements we had to make for his burial and memorial services. All the phone calls from the state medical examiner and local police. All the calls and cards and flowers. All the questions. All the sideways smiles. All the awkward silences. I handled them one by one. Avoided nothing.

It was all second nature to me. Never felt like I was struggling to find the strength. It was common sense. My duty as Wesley’s mother. Every day was and still is a day where I feel the need to share him; to allow his life to be remembered. The Wiggles do this with every show, every song, every performance, every dancing kid, and every dollar raised.

This makes me happy. Happy to hear they found an outlet for their grief and a way to allow Bernadette to live on. From this day forward, I’ll remember you little Bernadette, whenever I see or hear the silly dudes from down under.

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