If you’re like me, you’ve encountered many toddlers who are picky about what they like to eat. This is totally normal and not uncommon at all. Trying to cram nutritious, high quality food into your toddler’s diet can be a huge battle. This task can be made a little easier if you get creative.

Toddlers, though out of the rapidly growing baby stage, are still growing and developing at an alarming rate. It’s important that they still get all of the nutrients needed to help build healthy brains, bones, and bodies. But it also needs to happen in a realistic manner. Here are some vital nutrients for toddlers, plus a recipe kids will find new, fun, and exciting. It won’t make all your meal-time battles go away, but it’ll certain help you pick a nutritious that’s mom and toddler-approved.

Curated from www.babble.com



All totally true and a daily struggle in our household as well. We are so it’s definitely depressing when your kid wants nada to do with vegetables. sadie has her days – she’ll get obsessed for a brief period with broccoli, asparagus, or corn BUT what rules her belly is STARCHES. Potatoes, pasta and bread. Yes potatoes are a so yay there BUT come on kid, try something new already.


My current toolbox for my picky eater includes Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness, Stoneyfield Organics Yo Kids Squeeze Straw-Nana-Rama, and homemade smoothies of course. I also just bought Morningstar Farm Garden Veggie Nuggets. They are packed with quinoa, beans and veggie; non-GMO and vegan. Major win with those ingredients, fingers crossed that they’re yummy.


In regards to breakfast foods – Sadie only eats pancakes, waffles or eggs, so when it comes to sending breakfast to the Super-Auntie-Sitter aka Coco, pancakes have ruled. I’ve been anxious to find other breakfast options and more importantly other ways to sneak in veggies. So I reached out to for recipe ideas.


I’ve made spinach, egg and cheese scrambles in tins for myself in the past and loved them, so I made a batch for her yesterday. I also made this recipe, Toddler-Approved Monster Muffins found on babble.com. Amazingly to make – I threw all the ingredients in my Blendtec and let her rip. The green color of them is so attractive and the smell of them baking was heavenly.


I do think I made a mistake with an ingredient – I had baby kale/baby spinach mix I used and I think the kale gave the muffins a bitter taste. I’m not calling them a wash because I do think some butter and honey would make them perfect. I love that they also had applesauce and coconut oil – more healthy then a ton of vegetable oil. I sent the sitter 7 of each – the monster muffins and the muffin scrambles. Here’s hoping my kid has a healthier week!

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