Got about 8” of snow between yesterday afternoon and this morning!

Sadie was obsessed with watching the snow fall yesterday. She didn’t quite understand that we needed more then a dusting before we could sled or build a snowman. Luckily last night Jeff was motivated to shovel, so Sadie joined him. That girl is a mule! Hauling snow around like it was nothing.

It was like Christmas morning for her, waking up to the winter wonderland out her window. Work was Code Red today so we were all forced to work from home – oh darn, I know. And since yesterday was a holiday, all of our meetings were pushed to today. Fun! I had 4 meetings today and Sadie was the clingiest she’s been in a LONG time. She was so desperate to participate in the calls. I kept my iPhone on speaker with mute to juggle her and continually attempted to participate in the meetings with mute on. It’s been an interesting day for sure.

Since my meetings were back to back today, I had no time to get her outside to play with the sun out. I was counting on Jeff to take her out tonight. The snow gods rained down on me because one of my meetings ended 45min early! Sadie and I both got bundled up to go outside as quick as we could. With 30min remaining until my next meeting, we rushed outside. We managed to shovel our sidewalks again, attempt to build a snowman, attempt to sled AND went on a walk into the backyard. It was a snow miracle. She was spent and ready to come back inside and my timer had just gone off a few seconds before. I was a few minutes late to the meeting by the time we got our wet coats and boots off BUT it was well worth it! Happy to have made that sacrifice for my snow bunny!

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