Is Launching A Kid-Friendly Video AppYouTube will launch a new, child-friendly version of its service for mobile phones on Monday.

The kids app will surface content suitable for youngsters, as you’d expect, and TechCrunch understands that it will include a number of parental control features, such as a limiter that restricts the time of each session, and a sound toggle for muting and unmuting . The app will ship with content from a range of partners from the entertainment industry, including Jim Henson TV, DreamWorks, National Geographic, and a range of high-profile YouTubers.

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I couldn’t be more ecstatic about this news. I’m mad that it’s initially only going to be available on Android BUT I’ll be patient because this is worth it! My daughter got an Mini for her 2nd bday and along with Toca Boca games, Netflix and Hulu – YouTube is her favorite app. For weeks it was Caillou and Peppa Pig and then came those crazy toy review videos about PlayDoh and Shopkins. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen but it’s hugely popular and profitable I’ve read.

Now I have safety mode enabled in hopes of preventing porn and questionable content BUT last month she uncovered kids making pretend home videos. The quality is impressive and most are adorable, however, she discovered one video that pissed me off to no end – a young boy in bloody hockey mask and a girl duct taped in a car trunk. My daughter freaked and said “mama the boy hurt her and she’s in the trunk.” I ran to her, ripped the iPad from her grip and watched the video. This was not something I wanted my two year old to witness. She kept asking why he hurt her and I kept explaining it was pretend. I finally had to bribe her with Caillou to change the conversation. How do you explain that to a toddler? You can’t. How do you block that on YouTube so she doesn’t see their other kidnap video? Yes there was another.

I do believe that YouTube should make it possible to block users and their videos from appearing. Maybe it’s possible, I just haven’t discovered how to do it. I have HIGH HOPES for their kid app and can’t wait for the /iPad version. Great timing YouTube/. Kudos!

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